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West spinning group production workshop operator
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    One, recruitment conditions:

    Junior high school and higher education; female, age: 16 - 35 years of age; height 1.55 meters of above; Wuguanduanzheng, healthy without blemish; naked eyes above 0.8; correct ideological and moral, no bad behavior.
    Two, wages
    The new recruit training period for 1-3 months, during the training period by 50 yuan / day payment allowance. The company implements the post wage system, "a salary for a post, equal pay for equal work", after the independent post, the implementation of piecework assessment, more pay for more work, the average monthly income is 3100 yuan or so (later according to government announced wage growth guide line and enterprise benefit adjustment growth).
    Three, other benefits
    1, the company signed a labor contract according to law, and pay the social insurance and housing provident fund in accordance with the policy.
    2, to enjoy the national holidays, paid annual leave, funeral leave, maternity leave and holidays.
    3, the company provides free of charge for the staff and other labor protection products, free of charge to provide a variety of skills training.
    4, the company has 26 story apartment buildings and employee dormitory building a building, staff canteen, staff bathroom, electronic reading room, theaters and other living facilities complete.

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